Caravan Preparation

Preparing Your Caravan

The way in which you load your caravan will affect the way that it drives. Wrongly loaded caravans are far more likely to swerve or snake and so will be much more difficult to control. Follow these loading guidelines to achieve the maximum amount of stability for your caravan.
  • Always store heavy smaller items low down, ideally over the axles or just in front of them.
  • Try and maintain even weight distribution. If you have heavy items to place in front of the axle balance them by placing an equally weighted item just behind the axle.
  • Lighter, larger items can be carried in the towing vehicle.
  • Only place lighter items in the overhead lockers.
  • Place heavy and medium weighted items towards the front of the vehicle.
  • Safely secure all items in the caravan. Tying them down if necessary.
  • Gas cannisters must be turned off at the cylinder when moving.